Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Inspiration and updates galore

Over the last couple of days I've been reading the Lead Adventure forums, specifically the Strange Aeons and In Her Majesty's Name posts as both games seem to fit nicely with the general state of where I want to go with my miniature painting. Since restarting gaming a few years back I've built and painted a variety of figures, but my attention span has never really been long enough to deal with painting an entire army. with the move, I've decided to concentrate on painting models that interest me, rather than those I have to paint for an army, so small skirmish systems like IHMN, Strange Aeons and the 7TV systems all have the bonus that a force isn't very large and there are some great pulpy figure ranges around. One thread in particular that caught my eye was Mason's Ministry Of Occult Studies, England (or M.O.O.S.E for short). The combination of stunning terrain and interesting models and cars appeals to me and makes for a really neat display case. So far I've only skim read through as it's 120+ pages long, but it looks well worth spending the time to read it all. Not only is Mason making me want to paint up little cults or operative groups, but I really need/want to start making some terrain too! I suspect that will become a large, on-going project

The zombies are also making a bit of progress, but I'm not particularly keen on where they are going at the moment (photos not helped by the sun... the lightbox has been packed). It is also taking longer than I want to spend on zombies as there are a *lot* left to paint before Zombicide is complete. See what you think.

In other news I've updated the Community Currency page a bit with some photos of the Mercs stuff (not my painting btw) and wants, in case anyone is interested in trading services or stuff.

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