Monday, 17 June 2013

Tanks, tanks... everywhere it's tanks!

With an Imperial Guard force you just know it's going to be full of tanks. Rather than posting all of the Chimera separately, here they are in one big batch. They are all done using a variation on the normal Chimera pattern and seem to get lots of positive comments whenever they come out for a game.
327350_md-Imperial Guard, Chimera 4 327349_md-Chimera, Conversion, Imperial Guard 327348_md-Imperial Guard, Chimera 2 327347_md-Imperial Guard, Chimera

So how do you get that setback look to the top part? Here's a tutorial I wrote earlier! This works on the old and new Chimera bodies as the majority of the changes to the kit were combining a few of the side pieces together into one.

The first step is easy. Build the Chimera chassis as normal, leaving off the top, until you get this far

Take this piece

And cut the corners off, so it looks like this

Fit the place onto the top of the tank, just behind the main cab

Next we need to cut down the top. Place your saw just behind the first to viewports and using them as a guide... cut the back part off.

Before discarding the back part, we need the two sides. So carefully cut these off

Stick the in place and file them down so they are level with the top of the tank. I tend to stick the back door on to make sure the sides are correctly aligned.

Shave off the 6 rivets that look white as these get in the way of sticking the top on.

Before sticking the top on, we need to deal with the two lasgun ports. I never liked the lasguns, so reverse two and glue them in place as two view ports instead.

Once the top is in place it'll look like this

As we're using the turret ring/hatch on the front of the tank, we need to cover up the hole in the turret. Glue some plastic card over the top and trim/sand it down so that it fits seamlessly.

Use any bags, boxes or barrels that you have to neaten up the tank and make it look used. Also use it to cover up the open part of the hatch on the back.

You are now all done.

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