Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Imperial Beastmen

Many many moons ago, back in the Rogue Trader days, the Imperial Army (in it's pre Imperial Guard days) used to be able to take some weird and wonderful unit choices, such as the Commissar training squad and loyal Beastmen squads. Their removal still saddens me a little, so when I started to piece together a guard force for the 5th edition codex, I decided to resurrect them as they fitted the Penal Squad perfectly with the vicious random nature to their skills.

Here they are, posing nicely on some terrain at Warhammer World

132478_md-Imperial Beastmen, Imperial Guard, Penal Squad

The conversion combines the Ungor plastics with torsos and arms from the Catachan kit for quite a nice rough looking squad. The painting isn't the best as they were done in a hurry for a tournament*... still. One day I may go back and clean them up a bit.

*All that can be said about that is "At least I didn't come absolutely last" ;)

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