Tuesday, 25 June 2013


An ongoing topic of conversation that affects every gamer, no matter what system they play, is basing. Some come with integrated bases, others with slotta base tabs... others have no tabs or bases at all and stick onto whatever you want. You've also got slightly different sizes of bases from different manufacturers (standard slotta and D edged ones mainly). This non-standard way of basing figures drives me slightly bonkers!

Anyway... for my Guard I got tired of trying to base everything after they had been painted, so in the end I lightly stuck them to temporary bases while painting and only based them afterwards, which seemed to work much faster as there wasn't any concern of cross contamination while decorating.

Rather than buy scenic bases, or manually make loads, I started experimenting with casting up a few that I'd made and mass producing them to see how it looked. From the photo below, I'm pretty happy with how they came out.

Sticking squads onto these bases certainly looked significantly better than the ones that I'd tried to do after the fact. So much so, that I took everything off their original bases and made a load more of these. I think I've still got a pile in one of my boxes of figures. When I come across them and I've got a few people commenting, I'll give them away in a little competition. I was originally planning on producing and selling them, along with some other random bits that myself and Adrian were going to make... but now Adrian is back down under that plan isn't going to work so well.

With my switch of focus from 40k to a wider range of skirmish games that can all potentially use the same figures (7TV, Zombicide, 7ombieTV, Strange Aeons etc. etc) I've started to rethink the basing on new models as I'm sure you've noticed in some of this year's finished figures. Rather than having scenery on the bases, I'm quite liking the trend of using clear perspex instead, so that the figures blend into the tabletop/board more. I'm thinking that the occasional bit of terrain or scenery may work it's way into some bases, just to add a bit of interest.

What do you like to use for basing?

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