Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Farmhouse floor plan

I decided to take a break from Hero Lab for tonight and do a bit of drawing instead. We're going to be fighting our way through occupied France and behind enemy lines all across Europe... we're going to need to hide in some farm houses at some point!

Farmhouse floorplan

1. Outhouse/Bath house

2. Outside entrance to the basement area (10)

3. Kitchen area. A large stove, store cupboards full of crockery and some food gently bubbling away on the stove...

4. Dining area with a fireplace in the corner. The room contains a large window overlooking the lands to the rear of the house.

5. Entrance hall with stairs up to the first floor. Under the stairs there is also access to the basement area via a ladder.

6. Study. This room contains a desk, bookshelf and some manuscripts. Quite what these are, depends on what the house is being used for... If this is a typical farm, then they will probably be records of the crops, taxes and farming almanacs. If this is the home of some occultist, the paperwork could be more suspect... though the more dangerous tomes will probably be found in the cave hidden in the basement.

7. Upstairs landing with a small window looking out over the front of the house.

8. Master bedroom

9. Secondary bedroom

10 Basement area. This is used as a storage area for crops, dried meats, cheeses and wines. On the far wall is a large book case or wine rack that can be moved out of the way to revel a dark passageway to a cave (11)

11. Dark cave. The cave has a body of water that occupies over half of the area; the water is murky and probably not safe to drink. If this is just a normal farm house, then the cave was probably just blocked up and forgotten when the waters were discovered to be bad. If this is something more sinister, the cave will likely contain occult books and artifacts; possibly even a small shrine to some dark entity... If you want to get really mean, there could be something nasty living in the water; either in the cave, or through a tunnel in the lake.

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