Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cool Air

Cool Air tells the tale of a reclusive doctor who keeps to himself and never leaves his refrigerated rooms. His obsession with staving off death leads to more extreme experimentation and a mastery of the healing arts, which helps a neighbour when he has a heart attack. Over time the doctor becomes more and more sickly, continuously lowering the temperature of his rooms until they are sub-zero. He is eventually found dead, severely decomposed and clutching a note explaining that he had died many years before, but had kept himself going though alchemical means and strictly controlling his temperature.

As part of the Interface 19.40 book, I can imagine Modiphius starting to cover this in some detail with refrigerated armour to be worn by important high ranking officials within Nachtwolf in order to save off final death. If they don't... Well. Chalk one up to me to think on some more if/when the time comes.

I could certainly see key bunkers in Germany being super cooled in order to carry out more research into extending the life span of soldiers after death. Imagine a 1940s version of the guy who manufacturs eyes in Blade Runder and you wouldn't be too far off the mark.

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