Thursday, 25 April 2013

Charles Dexter Ward

The Charles Dexter Ward tale revolves around a young man who discovers a mysterious lineage to an ancient wizard who somehow managed to defy the aging process and who looks exceedingly like him. Charles becomes more and more frantic in his search modernise information about this ancestor, eventually discovering his connections to wizards in Eastern Europe and a mysterious bungalow in Pawtuxet. As the tale unfolds, we discover that Joseph, Charles' ancient relative is attempting to resurrect himself through Charles.

Most, if not all, of the manuscripts from the Curwen/Ward libraries will have either been destroyed, or moved to  Miskatonic university, but we don't know what happened to the notes created by Curwen's allies in Europe. It is not belond the realms of possibility that they have ended up in the hands of the Nachtwolf, or one of the other occult groups working inside Germany.

Some of Curwen's experiments lived on, entombed within the basements beneath the bungalow for years, so the investigators could be tasked to investigate an abandoned research facility in Eastern Europe or hunt down and prevent the nazis from creating the essential salts needed to keep a man alive forever... Fom what I can remember, the salts were created from the bodies of the recently dead; could this explain some of the mass cleansings that took place during the war?

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