Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Piltdown Man

While reading up on the various Lovecraft stories, I came across a reference to the Piltdown ManPiltdown Man excavation. This is a real life example of something that could hide deeper, darker things.

In 1908 a skull and jawbone were dug up in a gravel pit in East Sussex in England. This discovery was, for many years, believed to be an early, unknown strain of man as it had a distorted lower jaw. Part of the skull had been unearthed by workmen, with the other fragments discovered in the spoil heaps later. A reconstruction was undertaken by experts at the British Museum and given it's own classification, Eoanthropus dawsoni. Additional pieces, including the lower jaw and ape like teeth were discovered over the course of various digs at the site and added to the reconstruction. A second skull and jaw were said to have been discovered at Sheffield Park in 1915, proving that it wasn't just a one off. In our world it took until the 1950s to debunk the hoax as just a human skull with an orangutang jawbone and chimpanzee teeth.

During the course of WW2 it would still have been a hot topic for debate amongst anthropologists; but what if the final conclusion  published in Time magazine were to cover up something far more sinister?

While the original digs are too early for our time period, it would certainly be possible to have similar remains uncovered elsewhere, along with eerie inscriptions; leading to our intrepid investigators being sent off to recover the bones and hide any proof that they actually exist. this would be especially viable as we approach the end of the war and all indication of the elder races and their spawn are being covered up.

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