Saturday, 4 November 2017

You're a little tall for a dwarf...

This week some of the new Oathbreaker dwarves arrived to have a play with. Really liking these new figures, especially the plastic kit. Starting left to right, we have the freebie dwarf that comes with the early boxes of plastics. Next we have the dwarf king, the mage/crow master and finally one of the plastic figures.

Out of this lot, the mage is my favourite and will be able to do double duty as a sage or a crow master for Frostgrave

I was planning on using these alongside my Saga Vikings as a force for Forgotten Realms, but was just a little surprised to see how tiny the Gripping Beast plastics are compared to these dwarves...

The dwarf does have the integrated base still attached, which gives him a little boost in height, but the Saga plastics look like they may have to be used as dwarf younglings who have yet to grow a beard... they certainly can't be used as humans. Thankfully the dwarf scales really nicely next to the Frostgrave plastics and will allow for a lot of conversions


  1. I have to say they look rather good, if a little tall.

    1. Next to anything except those vikings they look fine. They are shoulder height on the other Frostgrave plastics

  2. They do look rather splendid. And very nice painting too!

  3. Very nice minis and very nicely painted. I especially like the crow master mini. :)