Monday, 4 August 2014

Temporary update

Phew. It's been a while since I last posted anything, so mu apologies there... apathy and life got in the way! I've finally done some painting, so I'll try and do an update on that later on and schedule some more tanks in tonight too.

Not one I'll be backing, but a company called Trench Worxhas succeeded in funding their 28mm WW1 tank campaign ( The models look fantastic and I wort of wish I had a use for them, but it's not a period I'll be getting into any time soon. I remember having the 1:72 scale Airfix version of the FT and loving it. There is one at Bovington, but at the moment it is just painted black. I assume this is due to ongoing maintenance...

 In other Kickstarter news. This afternoon Mantic are launching their latest campaign called Dungeon Saga. From what has been said so far this seems to be a cross between Heroquest and Warhammer Quest, but set in the Mantica universe. The game comes with two layers to the box. When you first open it up you get enough models and rules to run through the introductory campaign, including some set character evolution. Once you're done with that, it's time to open up the second layer that includes extra characters, monsters and more advanced rules. These advanced rules apparently contain rpg-lite character development rules, GM rules and stats for lots more creatures. Reports vary on what is in here though. Some teasers mention all the undead models from Mantic, whereas others suggest it covers stats for everything.

I've previously been put off Mantic's fantasy range as 99% of their design work or sculpting rubs me up the wrong way, but so far everything shown for this looks fantastic. The teaser image shows card tokens for funature, but they have also let slip thee will be plastic furniture and scenery to go with the Space Hulk quality board tiles.  Should be a good one to watch