Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dungeons, no Dragons

 Earlier today Mantic released the Alpha rule set and three scenarios for their Dungeon Saga kickstarter. The campaign is slowly ticking over and slowly gaining backers and expanding in value.

To go with the alpha rules, Beasts of War have done a play through to demonstrate how things play and so far it's looking quite good, though so far it's not quite a replacement for Warhammer Quest as it needs a GM to play and there's no random dungeon mechanic. Both of these may be solved later in the campaign, but both are probably quite easy for the community to add in later if needs be.

Listening to the videos and game demo have sparked lots of ideas for my dungeon bits again, most of which I'm not going to talk about just yet as I've still got a bit of planning to do. And you know how my planning goes... it'll be months before anything actually happens ;)

A while back I managed to get some bits of my old Warhammer Quest set back off the friend who bought all my GW stuff when I had a fit of madness. While all the figures and boards were missing, the doorways came back. I decided to have a go with two of them in preparation for the ideas...


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    1. That's the easiest thing in the world. It comes in a bottle from They have brought out loads more different effects since I bought the original rust.

      I've yet to try the two different Verdigris bottles I bought at Salute...