Friday, 4 July 2014

Shadows over Normandie

I meant to post this earlier, along with Thaissa. Memory like a black hole. Everything goes in... nothing comes out. Ever.

Last year there was a fun looking kickstarter for a ww2 strategy game called Heroes of Normandie. Rather than striving to be 100% historically accurate they chose to go down the Hollywood route and make it a fun, explosive game and it appears to be winning over lots of people. I was eyeing it up and wish, much like Zombicide season 1, that I'd backed it instead of some of the other games I gave money to. Ah well.

Anyway. As part of their original campaign, they worked with Modiphius to create an Achtung Cthulhu expansion with some missions and mythos related units. This was so popular that yesterday they launched a new kickstarter to expand this idea out into a full, stand-alone boxed game rather than just a few map tiles and units.

A day later and it is well past it's initial goal, plus the first few stretch goals that add all the cards and markers to make Deep Ones their own separate playable force. I'm looking forward to the stretch that most definitely is not Hellboy (surely it should be Lobster Johnson in WW2 rather than Hellboy?).

I'm interested by their approach to things. As this is effectively an upgrade to something people in the first campaign have already backed, the previous pledgers will be getting these upgrades for free and only need to pledge for a brand new set of tiles for this campaign. This bodes well for future support as they seem keen to evolve and enhance the community. One of the pledge levels is even to hire the guy that has unofficially been acting as community manager for them so they can better support the growing forums.


  1. Sounds great. It does look good.

    1. Apparently Heroes of Normandie is really good fun, so mixing in lots of mythos and weird war elements sounds even better ;)