Thursday, 10 July 2014

A22 Churchill Mk II

There are a number of tanks parked outside of Bovington. Some are rusting hulks full of holes from where they have been on the firing ranges; others are in prety good condition, like Bob the Churchill Mk II.

The A22 was designed to fulfil an infantry support role, helping take out enemy strongpoint and create paths through barbed wire. This Mk II has been modified sometime after the war to represent the original Mk I configuration with a 2 pounder gun on the turret and a three inch howizer on the front. Usually the Mk II would have had a Besa machine gun mounted on the hull instead as an attempt to reduce the production costs.

This one has been painted up to resemble one of the first Mk I Churchills that took part in the Dieppe Raid in 1942 and used by Canadian forces.

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  1. You just know I'm gonna love a tank named BOB.