Saturday, 19 April 2014

Walls take 2

After making the first part of a wall last week, I had a rather tragic accident. I tried to create a rubber mold so I could work on the other side of the brickwork.. which didn't go too well.

I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, but the rubber just didn't set properly and the air dry clay got damp in the prolonged exposure to the rubber and started to dissolve. I suspect leaving it overnight in the cold garage to set didn't help.

Still. It gave me pause for thought and I've made a new wall that looks better than the first one. This will be getting a coat of varnish to seal the clay before I attempt to create a mold for this one to avoid the same mistake again.

Design wise the pieces will (hopefully) interlock, meaning that I won't need as much footing as the GW walls. The brickwork should be about the same size as the Garden of Morr, so they shouldn't look out of place except the builder hasn't been using skulls in these walls.

Once I've actually got a decent mold for this, the next job will be to try and get the brickwork to line up neatly on the other side. For some reason the GW walls don't match up in any way, shape or form as you can see from one of my bits below