Sunday, 13 April 2014

Raising the walls

One of the joys of Salute is the raised levels of inspiration afterwards. I've been meaning to carry on with the remaining walls from the Garden of Morr kit, but there are so many skulls embedded in them that it's frustrating and offputting.

It turns out that it's far easier to create a new wall from scratch instead.

I rolled out a piece of air dry clay so that it was about the same thickness of the GW walls and once dry, carved in some bricks about the same height on one side. This is currently sitting in some mold rubber so I can make a plaster version and continue with the opposite side. The clay was good for starting with, but was becoming too fragile to even attempt the other side. for now I've not made it a specific length so I have the ability to pick the neatest section to place between pillars and then top it.

So far I'm feeling rather pleased.


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    1. Thanks! I just hope the other side looks as good when it is finished. It's going to bug me if I don't get the bricks to look like they line up, so it's going to take a lot longer to carve out.

      I did consider just making a large pile of bricks and building it like a real wall, but that was likely to be suicidal ;)