Thursday, 27 February 2014

Movement on the Eastern front...

I've seen a number of people over on the Lead Adventure forums moaning about the Bolt Action plastics... after working on these russians and the commandos from a few weeks ago I can only assume that these gentlemen are used to one piece metals as the kits are fantastic. Ok, so some of the faces are on the podgy side and some of the detail isn't quite as sharp as the recent GW plastics in some places, but I'm very happy with their quality. 

The Russian box comes with enough parts to make 40 models. You read that right.. 40 models for less than the price of a Space Marine tactical squad. That's enough to make a 500 point Russian army list with a few figures to spare!

Speaking of GW and their plastics... I wanted to add a bit more character to this mob of Russia's finest raw recruits and make them stand out a little bit more. What could be more characterful than someone waving a big ol' banner? This flag is from the Empire State Trooper's box and I appear to have loads of them for some reason. My only regret is not taking the time to cut off the Empire arm and use a Bolt Action one instead as the scale is *slightly* off, but not noticeably so.

The one down side to the box is that you get quite a few soldiers laying down on the job and in an infantry platoon this just doesn't cut it, so they will have to become snipers and spotters. Originally this guy was part of a sniper team, but it soon became clear that fitting two people on one of these bases wasn't an option and one person on a transparent cavalry base just looks stupid!


  1. Love these and the clear bases are really growing on me.

    1. Just realised that that might have sounded rude! I've always loved the clear bases, what I meant was that I feel that I might have to give it a go myself.

    2. I do know what you mean, so don't worry :)
      First time I saw the clear bases being used, I really wasn't keen. But the more I saw them on different tables, the more sense it made