Friday, 6 December 2013

Day off = prep work

For once I've actually got a bit of time off work. I know, weird right?

I took the opportunity to go through and clean up a load more models for the painting challenge, which brings the total for everything that has been prepped to about 1600. There is no way in hell I'm going to put much of a dent in that, but at least all the prep work is now done for them all.

Now to try and finish off the BfC models before the 15th so the painting table is clear. Speaking of which... here's a sneaky peek at how they are going. The colours were all chosen after having a long chat to some ladies at a craft fair near us who deal with historically accurate natural dyes. the range of bright colours; most of which I certainly didn't expect. You can see some of the colours over on Claire's blog.


  1. good to see these in progress, yes they had a very wide range of colours available, and this helped trade with the indians a lot

  2. Crikey that's an impressive target! Best of luck.

  3. Just seen your first entry in the challenge! Great start!
    Good luck!


    1. Thanks. Now I just need to keep up the momentum to try and reach my target :)