Tuesday, 17 December 2013

[Analogue] The Christmas wrapping starts here...

The painting challenge started with a bang and 20 points have now been claimed for these 4 mummies. Only another 580 points (or 116 more models this size) to reach my goal. Le sigh. As you probably recognise, these guys are from the original Heroquest box. After a bit of a cleanup and lots of hacking to remove the bases, they painted up very quickly... twice. The first time they got messed up by frosting on the varnish and the usual tricks didn't seem to work on repairing them. Ah well.

These will go nicely in the Warhammer Quest/HeroQuest/Advanced Heroquest rebuild project as well as working well with IHMN, Strange Aeons and Pulp Alley. Hows that for versatility?

The painting process is nice and simple.

They started with an all over coat of something light and creamy. Doesn't really matter what as any variation will work for dirty cotton rags. After that has dried do an all over wash of Devlan mud followed by a targeted wash of a dark brown in the really dark recesses. Once that has dried, go back and pick out some highlights on the rags with the original base coat.

The skin was a mix of flesh and a dark grey to give the desecated, mummified flesh colour as the mummies in the British museum are bordering on black thanks to the mummification process. This is washed with black and then highlighted with the original mix plus a little bit more flesh.

Last finishing touch is a very dark mossy green wash on some parts of the rags to give it that slimy, festering look. I was tempted to do some sandy weatherin powders on them too, but felt that would tie them too closely to a desert environment.


  1. A nice opener Paul, a shame about the varnish incident but thankfully you saved them

  2. I loved these Paul, a great start.

  3. good start now get back to the brushes
    Peace James