Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Frothers' Charity model 2013

The Frother's Charity model(s) have been announced today.

"What now?" I hear you cry. The Frothers Unite forum tends to do a charity model each year where eyou donate some money to one of their two charities (MS Society or Cancer Research UK) and in return a kind sculpter, caster and postage person send out a specially made model to you for free.

Last year we had Judge Minty, which is probably one of my favourite models of recent time. The sculpt and cast quality were brilliantly done and put lots of other companies to shame.

This year they have stepped up their game... this year is... Lori Petty! I mean...

Instead of just the one model, this year they are offering up a selection of choices. For each one, the suggested donations are as follows:

Tank Girl £20
TG, Booga & Camp Koala £35
TG, Booga, Camp Koala and the Tank £70

To donate, go to  - Donate to Cancer Research - Donate to MS Society

And then send an email with your name, address and Just Giving donation number to to claim your free miniatures. Don't forget to tick the Girt Aid option. For the full set, including Tank, that's an extra £17.50 to charity paid by the tax man.

With Kev White in charge of sculpting Tank Girl, I'm a happy man and can't wait to see what the final models look like.£70 for all of them may seem pricy, but it's all going to a great cause.

More details can be found on the Frothers Unite forum:

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