Monday, 8 July 2013

Welcome to the new readers

A big thanks to James for pimping my blog out to all his readership and welcome to any new readers. I think I'm now up by about 300% on what I was on yesterday, after you discount all those spam bots that are trawling the place. As James mentioned, I've joined the Community Currency ring as packing brought home quite how many bits I've got laying around that I really don't want that maybe of use to someone else.

We managed to break all records for selling a house and had someone make an offer about 2 hours after the first viewing, which means it's now full speed ahead on the packing. Roll on moving date... I want my attic hobby room! Now that we've got buyers, it does mean that I can safely leave out a small painting table and do a little bit here and there when it's not too hot the paint dries on the way from palette to model. Currently on the workbench are one of each zombie type in the Zombicide box in an attempt to work out a fast, but effective, way of painting them before Season two arrives in September/October time. Once I've worked that out, I'll try and do a little guide... assuming I ever want to see another zombie again that is. I just need to work out where I put the cable to my camera last time I tidied up!


  1. your welcome, we like to help each other out where we can, congratz on the house sale and good new on the man cave :)
    Peace James

  2. Congratulations on the house sale and increased readership.

  3. Excellent news on the house sale and I, for one, would be interested in a zombie 'how to'.

  4. Thanks. I'm sure photos of the cave will appear eventually, along with zombie pics when I find the camera cables!