Thursday, 13 June 2013

Vikings for 7th Voyage?


I've been watching the History Channel series Vikings this week and I've now got this real urge to make a 7th Voyage cast as the system should work perfectly well without all the myth and magic.

The issue I've currently got is finding some suitably vicious looking Viking models that also include some shield maidens that don't look like they have walked out of a strip club. I thought this would have been fairly straight forward... but apparently not. Saga Tapestry has a great article on sourcing models for the Saga games system, but pretty much all of the viking models are wearing chainmail which, as you can see from the picture above, the crew aren't wearing. At all.

The only company that I can find so far that does a fully clothed shield maiden is Red Box Games with Ylvfriodr of Ulfrstadt. While it's a really nice model, but like most of the currently available viking models that I can find, she's wearing too much mail armour. I also suspect from the base size that she is going to be taller than a lot of other historicals. Looks like there won't be a Lagertha to join Ragnar just yet.

If anyone can suggest a range of models, preferably plastics, that would work nicely for this type of viking raider... please shout!

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