Monday, 10 June 2013

Judge Minty

Judge MintyEarlier this year a brilliant fan made film based in the world of Judge Dredd was released (see the video at the end of the post). The film sees an old judge, Minty, taking the Long Walk out into the wasteland instead of retiring.

Just before Christmas there was a charity donations thing that could get you a 28mm model of Judge Minty. Given that we'd just finished supporting the Dredd Kickstarter and the charity was one very important to me, it seemed only fair to donate some money to charity too.

Turns out that was the best move ever as the Minty model is stunningly well sculpted and puts all of the Kickstarter models to shame. Eventually I'll get around to painting some of those too so we can compare them. I can, theoretically, use Minty in the Dredd miniatures game, but I suspect we will be running some 200AD inspired 7TV missions instead as some kind soul over on the 7TV Google group created stats for ll of the Megacity 1 equipment and weapons.

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