Sunday, 21 April 2013

Awwww... slippages!

I was doing so well with this blog too, but I've missed almost a week now. I should probably try to fix that one tonight or tomorrow as I'm away for a week and probably won't get the chance to update anything.

Yesterday we went to the largest UK games show, Salute, to see what goodies we could pick up. After a long queue we made it in and proceeded to the 7TV demo tables. This is a system I played for the first time last year at Salute and wanted to introduce the others to; I love the combination of humour with a system generic enough to do anything with. The premise is simple enough... 7TV allows you to recreate all those cult tv shows from your childhood... Dr Who, Blake's 7, Captain Scarlett... you name it, it's possible. I wanted to see what everyone thought of it as there are all those neat new mythos creatures coming from Modiphius this year that will make awesome minions for a 7TV game or twleve. Thankfully everyone loved it, so we had to go on a terrain shopping spree as that's the one thing we're short of.

brokenHouseWe were quite impressed with the wide selection of companies now offering laser cut board buildings. Most were too sci-fi for a WW2 game, but 4Ground managed to sort us out. Their World At War range has an excellent selection of houses, both complete and ruined, that will make the start of our collection. There will probably be a few posts showing the construction of mine when I get back from Mexico; though the models are going to have to be aired somewhere as they stink of burnt wood.

The thing that won us over with the 4Ground models were that what you see to the left is actually pre-painted. The kit comes with a number of laser cut sheets of wood, each one is painted before being laser cut, , which gives it a slightly damages, worn look to the paint. You just pop the bits out and glue them together with pva and you're done.

For a damaged house it's a bit on the clean side though, so I do suspect I'll be weathering mine at some point.

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