Monday, 25 March 2013


The next installment of the Lovecraft related plot ideas is based upon his second short story, Dagon.

In the story a sailor from WW1 gets shipwrecked in the Pacific and ends up on an exposed piece of land with strange topography. He wanders the land looking for a way off, but instead encounters a series of alien carvings and statues. He escapes the island, completely insane, in an attempt to escape from a monstrous being that rises form the deep...

Shifting this from WW1 to WW2 is simple enough, but having the players actually step foot on the island and encounter Dagon may be a bit too much unless you want to either kill them or drive them completely insane; so what can we do with it?

1) The sailor may have brought back rubbings of the carvings, or a small statue. This artifact could lead to a number of different missions; maybe the original visit to the island was during WW1 and the artifacts made their way into the British Museum. Perhaps they get stolen during the evacuation of the museum treasures during the Blitz and the investigators need to track it down and preventing a cult from using it to raise Dagon.

2) Alternatively, the investigators may be sent to a mysterious new island in the pacific and end up trying to prevent the Germans/Japanese from raising Dagon.


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