Paint comparison table

As promised, here's the very WIP table of paint comparisons. As time goes on I'll update this as I work out the matches and update the colour swatches a bit. The table also does not currently contain the complete VMC, VGC or current GW ranges. I've also not, yet, added any swatches for metallics yet as those will never be accurate and I'd prefer someone with personal experience to match those up.

One thing to keep in mind is that these matches are not perfect. The Foundry matches are based upon the colour swatches on the website which, I know, is a dangerous thing to do, especially when in some cases I know these aren't right. A good example of this are the various flesh tones between Foundry Shade 119A and Expert Flesh 127F. 

This is a best guess starting point and is better than I could currently find.

If you spot anything wrong with this, or you think some other colours are better matches, just shout.

In other, related fun and games, Loki has been piecing together a selection of painting triads that he uses on a regular basis. I highly recommend having a look at these:

Foundry GW (old) VGC VMC GW New
Shade 9A
Boneyard 9B Bleached Bone Bone White Buff Ushtabi Bone
Light 9c
Shade 10A
Base Sand 10B
Light 10C
Shade 11A
Rawhide 11B
Light 11C
Shade 12A Scorched Brown Charred Brown Burnt umber Rhinox hide
Drab 12B Bestial Brown Beasty Brown Flat Earth Mournfang brown
Light 12C
Shade 13A Bestial Brown Beasty Brown Flat Earth Mournfang brown
Spearshaft 13B Snakebite Leather Cobra Leather Tan Yellow Balor brown
Light 13C Vermin Brown Parasite Brown Orange Brown Skrag brown
Shade 14A Dark Flesh Dark Fleshtone Mahogany brown Doombull brown
Tan 14B Vermin Brown Parasite Brown Orange Brown Skrag brown
Light 14C
Shade 15A Scab Red Scarlett red Carmine Red Khorne Red
Bright Red 15B Blood Red Bloody Red Vermillion Evil Suns Scarlet
Light 15C Blazing Orange Hot Orange Scarlet Troll Slayer Orange
Shade 16A
Nipple Pink 16B Pallid Flesh Pale Flesh Light Flesh Bestigor Flesh **
Light 16C
Shade 17A Scab Red Scarlett red Carmine Red Khorne Red
Wine Stain Red 17B
Light 17C
Shade 37A
Terracotta 37B
Light 37C
Shade 19A
Royal Purple
Light 19C
Shade 20A Midnight Blue Night Blue Dark Prussian Blue
Deep Blue 20B Enchanted Blue Magic Blue Dark Blue Caledor Sky
Light 20C Ultramarine Blue Ultra Marine Blue Ultramarine Altdorf Guard Blue
Shade 21A Ultramarine Blue Ultra Marine Blue Ultramarine Altdorf Guard Blue
Sky Blue 21B
Light 21C Lightning Bolt Blue Electric Blue Sky Blue Teclis Blue
Shade 22A
Vivid Blue 22B Ice Blue Electric Blue Deep Sky Blue Lothern Blue
Light 22C
Shade 23A
Tomb Blue 23B
Light 23C
Shade 24A
Teal Blue 24B
Light 24C
Shade 25A
Bright Green 25B Snot Green Sick Green Intermediate green Warpstone glow
Light 25C
Shade 26A
Forest Green 26B
Light 26C
Shade 27A
Storm Green 27B
Light 27C
Shade 28A
Phlegm Green 28B
Light 28C Goblin Green Goblin Green Pastel green Warboss green
Shade 29A
Moss 29B
Light 29C
Shade 30A
Raw Linen 30B
Light 30C
Shade 31A
Granite 31B
Light 31C Fortress Grey Stone Wall Grey Pale grey blue Administratum grey
Shade 32A
Slate Grey 32B
Light 32C Codex Grey Cold Grey Neutral Grey Dawnstone
Shade 33A
Arctic Grey 33B Fortress Grey Stone Wall Grey Pale grey blue Administratum grey
White 33C Skull White Dead White Flat White White Scar
Black 34A Chaos Black Chaos Black Black Abaddon Black
Charcoal Bloack 34B
Light 34C Shadow Grey Sombre Grey Oxford Blue The Fang
Chainmail 35A
Armour 35B
Spearpoint 35C
Brazen 36A
Gold 36B
Shiney 36C
Shade 38A
Scarlet 38B
Light 38C
Shade 39A
Storm Blue 39B Adeptus Battlegrey Russian Uniform Mechanicus standard grey
Light 39C
Share 42A
Bay Brown 42B
Light 42C
Shade 44A
Burning Gold 44B
Light 44C
Shade 45A
Deep Brown Leather 45B
Light 45C
Copper Wash 47A
Brown Wash 47B
Black Wash 47C
Shade 53A
Chestnut 53B
Light 53C
Shade 54A
Conker Brown 54B
Light 54C
Shade 55A
Butter Fudge 55B
Light 55C
Shade 56A
Palomino 56B
Light 56C
Shade 57A
Stone 57B
Light 57C
Shade 60A
Madder Red 60B
Light 60C
Shade 61A
Peaty Brown 61B
Light 61C
Shade 63A
Quagmire 63B
Light 63C
Shade 65A
French Blue 65B
Light 65C
Shade 66A
Prussian Blue 66B
Light 66C
Shade 67A
Austrian white 67B
Light 67C
Shade 68A
British Red Coat Red 68B
Light 68C
Shade 69A
Russian Green 69B
Light 69C
Shade 70A
French Dragoon Green 70B
Light 70C
Shade 71A
French Chasseur A Cheval Green 71B
Light 71C
Shade 72A
Musket Stock Brown 72B
Light 72C
Shade 73A
Bavarian Cornflower Blue 73B
Light 73C
Shade 74A
British Royal Blue 74B
Light 74C
Shade 75A
British Blue Grey 2 75B
Light 75C
Shade 76A
French Hussar Sk Blue 76B
Light 76C
Shade 101A
Equipment Black 101B
Light 101C
Shade 102A
Red Oxide 102B
Light 102C
Shade 103A
Bronze Barrel 103B
Light 103C
Shade 104A
Gun Metal 104B
Light 104C
Shade 105A
Blackened Barrel 105B
Light 105C
Shade 106A
Prussian Gun Mid Blue 106B
Light 106C
Shade 107A
Austrian Gun Ochre 107B
Light 107C
Shade 108A
British Gun Grey 108B
Light 108C
Shade 109A
French Gun Olive Green 109B
Light 109C
Shade 110A
Russian Gun Apple Green 110B
Light 110C
Shade 18A Warlock Purple Warlord Purple Magenta Screamer Pink
Shadow Pink 18B
Light 18C
Shade 119A
South American Flesh 119B
Light 119C
Shade 120A
Native American Flesh 120B
Light 120C
Shade 121A
Dark African Flesh 121B
Light 121C
Shade 122A
Oriental Flesh 122B
Light 122C
Shade 123A
Near eastern flesh 123B
Light 123C
Shade 124A
North African Flesh 124C
Light 124C
Shade 125A
Mediterranean Flesh 125B
Light 125C
Shade 126A
African Flesh 126B
Light 126C
Shade 127A
Expert Flesh 127B
Light 127C
Expert Flesh 127D
Expert Flesh Ultra 127E
Expert Flesh final 127F
Shade 111A
Union Blue 111B
Light 111C
Shade 112A
Union Trouser Blue 1112B
Light 1112C
Shade 115A
Rich Butternut 115B
Light 115C
Shade 116A
Drab butternut 116B
Light 116C
Shade 117A
Confederate Grey 117B
Light 117C
Shade 118A
Rebel Grey 118B
Light 118C

The following table contains all the paints that I've not yet matched up to a Foundry colour. If you think one of these matches something in the table above, let me know so I can move it up and improve our results.

Foundry GW (old) VGC VMC GW New
Elf Flesh Elf Skintone Basic Fleshtone Kislev Flesh
Sunburst Yellow Sun Blast Yellow Deep Yellow Flash Gitz Yellow
Golden Yellow Gold Yellow Golden Yellow Yriel Yellow
Red Gore Gory Red Cavalry Brown Wazdakka Red
Tentacle Pink Squid Pink Pink (approx.) Emperor's Children
Liche Purple Hexed Lichen Purple Xereus Purple
Imperial Purple Royal Purple Royal Purple
Nauseating Blue Sick Blue Violet (approx.)
Storm Blue Stormy Blue Blue
Regal Blue Imperial Blue Royal Blue Kantor Blue
Hawk Turquoise Falcon Turquoise Turquoise (approx.) Sotek Green
Vile Green* Foul Green Park Green Flat
Jade Green* Jade Green Light Turquoise
Scaly Green Scurf Green Emerald
Dark Angels Green Dark Green Deep Green Caliban Green
Camo Green Camouflage Green Olive Green Elysian Green
Scorpion Green Scorpy Green Light Green Moot green
Bilous Green* Livery Green Yellow Green
Rotting Flesh Dead Flesh German Yellow Nurgling Green
Vomit Brown Filthy Brown Medium Flesh Tau light ochre
Ghostly Grey* Ghost Grey Flat Aluminum Ulthian grey
Space Wolves Grey Wolf Grey Pale Greyblue Fenrisian Grey
Mithril Silver Mithril Silver Silver Runefang Steel
Chainmail Chain Mail Natural Steel Ironbreaker
Boltgun Metal Gunmetal Gunmetal Grey Leadbelcher
Burnished Gold Polished Gold Gold Auric Armour Gold
Shining Gold Glorious Gold Old Gold Gehenna's gold
Dwarf Bronze Bright Bronze Bronze Hashut Copper
Brazen Brass Brassy Brass Brass Runelord Brass
Beaten Copper* Hammered Copper Copper Brass scorpion
Tin Bitz Tinny Tin Warplock Bronze
Smelly Primer White Primer Foundation White Ceramite White
Desert Yellow Desert Yellow Dark Yellow Tallarn Sand
Terracotta Terracotta XV-88
Catachan Green Cayman green Olive grey Castellan green
Shade 11A? Graveyard earth Earth English Uniform Steel legion drab
Kommando Khaki Khaki German Cam. Beige ww2 Karak Stone
Tanned Flesh Tan Bugman's Glow
Astronomicon Grey Heavy bluegrey Pale blue grey Celestra grey
Calth Brown Heavy Siena Flat Brown Mournfang brown
Charadon Granite Heavy Charcoal German Grey Stormvermin Fur
Dheneb Stone Heavy Warmgrey Rakarth Flesh
Gretchin Green Heavy Khaki Middlestone Deathworld forest
Hormagaunt purple Heavy violet Violet Daemonette hide
Iyanden Darksun Heavy Goldbrown Goldbrown Averland Sunset
Khemri brown Heavy brown US Field Drab Baneblade Brown
Knarloc Green Heavy green Luftwaffe ca. green Loren forest
Macharius Solar orange Heavy orange German orange Jokaero orange
Mechrite red Heavy red Red Mephiston red
Mordian blue Heavy blue Prussian blue Macragge blue
Necron Abyss Kantor Blue
Orkhide Shade Heavy Blackgreen Black green Waaagh flesh
Tausept Ochre Heavy ochre Ochre brown Balor brown
Tallarn flesh Heavy skintone Brown sand Cadian fleshtone
Black Red
Bronze Green
Cork Brown
Dark Grey
Dark sea grey
Deck tan
English Uniform Brown
Fenris Grey
Field blue
Flat yellow
French Mirage Blue
Genestealer Purple
German Camo Pale Brown
German Camo black brown
German Field Grey
Green Ochre
Grey blue
Gunmetal blue
Hull red
Iraqui sand
Khaki grey
Light grey
London grey
Medium blue
Medium grey
Medium sea grey
Oily steel
Pale sand
Sotek green
Stone grey
Temple guard blue
US Olive Drab

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