Saturday, 12 July 2014


Now this one should be very familiar shape to those of you who, like me, love their Indiana Jones. Of course, the Indiana Jones one is only loosely based on the Mk VIII and slapping a turret on top.

But you can never go wrong with a bit of Indy.

The Mk VIII was a collaborative effort between Britain, France and the US to overcome the limitations of the earlier British designs. It was designed to be built in France so it didn't need to be shipped anywhere, with the armour and armaments being built in the UK and the engines coming from America. The plan was to use this joint effort to overwhelm Germany in a mass push in 1919, but as we know, the war ended before this could happen. Only a few ever made it into service; the rest continued to be used by the Americans until the mid 30s when something better came along. So much for technology advancements! We'll see what the British and the Germans got up to in the 30s later.

I like the weird cameleon like eyes on the side of the tank. It's a neat little addition to this hulking monster


  1. What a beast. It wouldn't have been nice seeing a load of these rumbling towards your lines.

    1. No, this beast would be terrifying; though possibly not as terrifying as the original Mk1 on it's first appearance