Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Not dead, just busy

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few months. Things have been rather hectic, which has really sapped the brainpower to do anything gaming related. My big project at work goes live this coming weekend, so hopefully I can mentally unwind a bit after that and get some hobby time back.

One thing that has changed is that my wife and I have started to be able to take orders for boardgames and RPGs : http://shop.inexplicablegames.com/. As we managed to launch this just as my big project entered it's final phase, the site isn't overly populated, but if there are any games that you're after drop me an email at questions@inexplicablegames.com and I can see what we can do.

I appear to have also been passed the Liebster banner twice while I've not been looking... so that means I've got 22 questions to answer and then find some of my blogs to pass it onto that havn't already had it recently. Expect some answers soon...

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