Monday, 20 January 2014

Watch your head

I wasn't expecting to get the vehicle submission finished on time, but thanks to a last minute burst of inspiration, here she is.

This is a Luther walker from the original Dust Tactics starter set. H ad a spare Sigrid model laying around, so decided to make this walker her own personal one, which involved some careful prising apart of the top hatch.

 The Dust models are 1:48 scale, rather than the 1:56(ish) of 28mm figures, so it's not great placing the figures together. The vehicles on the other hand look fantastic next to the smaller infantry as it gives a much more imposing look on the battlefield.


  1. Wow.! Very nice job indeed.

  2. Nice job it does look imposing next to that infantryman.

  3. That really is a stunning piece of kit! Love the work with the paint chips and rust, really impressive.

    1. Sadly most of the rust on the model itself isn't showing up in the photos... I really need to get better lighting.

      The rust on the base is ModelMate's Rust effect, which is a liquid you paint on and... that's it. It's great stuff :)

  4. Very nice work and very impressive