Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's not war... it's pest control.

The second sub-challenge for Curt's painting challenge was Villains. I had been carefully considering what Villain to put in for this mini project. Originally it was going to be one of the bosses for Warhammer Quest; then it was going to be the Necromancer figure from the Dredd game to go with all the zombies that seem to be spawning all over the place,  but I finally settled on the Greatest Villain Ever!

 Inspired by the Doctor's anniversary last year (it seems sad to say last year already... especially as I'm writing this on New Year's Day), I couldn't really pass up submitting the Daleks as my villainous entry.

These models are from the cover of the children's Dr Who magazine, but unlike the Cybermen and other monsters, these ones are perfect for 28mm gaming once placed onto bases*. Unfortunately they are lumpy, uneven and have horrible joins in the plastic that you can still see even if you file it completely flat. I destroyed one trying to get rid of the joints completely, so I'm afraid these others aren't completely line free as you can see down the front of the vents. Still.. on the tabletop they will work just fine.

I intend to use these as the bad guys in 7TV; now I just need to get some of the absolutely-not-Dr-Who figures to save the world. Expect those sometime later in the year once the competition is out of the way. I'm currently eyeing up this Not-John-Hurt.

* Note. The other figures are all soft, bendy plastic of indeterminate scales and just plan awful. If you try to bid on ebay, go for one of the packs with just the Daleks!

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  1. Certainly one of my 'favourite' villains of all time; these were particularly god too.