Tuesday, 21 January 2014

British Commando force

Ages ago I bought some Bolt Action figures for use as characters in my eventual Achtung! Cthulhu game with no real intention of ever building up playable forces. Then I went to the Mantic open day and spent more time watching the BA demo game than I did anything produced by Mantic themselves *oops!* and became interested in giving it a go.

With the painting challenge in full swing I thought I'd see what I could make out of the boxes... it seems you can make a full 500 point Commando force using one plastic set. The list was found on the Warlord forums and is as follows:

2nd Lieutenant (vet) + Adjutant 78 pts

Forward Observer (Artillery) FREE

Medic 30pts

Commando Section 1 - 8 man with 4xSMG's and bren = 136pts

Commando Section 2 - 8 man with 4xSMG's and bren = 136pts

PIAT Team (vet) 52pts

Sniper Team (vet) 65pts

TOTAL = 497 points

All in all, not bad for £22. It's a good, solid start to Bolt Action as well as providing plenty of commandos for use in our RPG sessions and ww2 Strange Aeons games. The models themselves are nicely detailed, with plenty of options in the kit including berets or normal helmets. The only down side is probably the very fat faces and some strange expressions...

After this I've got 500 point German and Russian forces to paint too; again, each one out of one box set.


  1. They look like a tough bunch of lads and great work to boot!

    1. Hopefully it won't be too unforgiving as a starter list ;)