Sunday, 19 January 2014

BfC Coureur des Bois

They have taken a while, but the Coureur des Bois for the Bloggers For Charity project. These are the first historicals that I've ever painted , so it was a nice diversion from zombies or pulp models.

I'm happy with the models (mostly). The only area that could be a lot better are the eyes. It's something I struggle with a lot and really need to work on so they don't have such a surprised expression. 

They will be appearing at Triples in Sheffield on the 17th/18th of May along with all of the other great offerings. It's something I want to go up and see in person as it'll be rather spectacular to see the project come together.

I just need to work out how to post them out to Loki to base without the paint scratching. They will be varnished (once I pluck up the courage to try again after the misting problem seen on the mummies), but will need some decent packaging. Previous attempts at packing in foam or tissue have both failed and ended up with chipped models. 


  1. Nice work Paul, but pot them direct to James please, he is now basing them

  2. Great stuff Paul they look fantastic.

    1. Thanks! Can you PM me your address so I can sort out postage please?