Saturday, 26 October 2013

Shadows of Brimstone

While browsing Kickstarter I came across yet another rather excellent looking product called Shadows of Brimstone from Flying Frog Productions, which means it should get loads of support in terms of expansions, miniature packs and free scenarios. Shadows of Brimstone appears to be a Warhammer Quest-like game set in the wild west... with gribbly cthulhu-like monsters. So far, sounds pretty damn awesome.

There are two core games for sale, each with its own heroes, monsters and tiles, all of which look like they will be brilliant for pulp or western miniature games as well as actually playing the game they are meant for. At 35mm they should fit well with Black Scorpion miniatures.

In terms of the campaign progress... its only a couple of days old and the $150 level currently breached 17 stretch goals totalling an additional 2 sets of adventure cards, 10 extra/alternative heroes, a mutant outlaw gang (6 mutants), 6 serpentmen, 3 large lava monsters and a ton of extra board pieces as well as everything you're supposed to get for the pledge.

I'm kind of on the fence about one of their pledge levels (or set of...). I can't decide if it is a brilliant idea, or not. They keep releasing groups of 50 early bird pledges that net you both boxes, all of the normal stretch goals, another set of all the miniatures from the boxes and every single paid-for add-on for free. Each time they release another batch of early-birds they up the price and announce another round of add-on characters, monsters, quests or tiles. Currently the list of add-ons is looking quite impressive, but the current batch of early-birds is sitting at $475! To be fair, that's still a bargain if you wanted to get everything, but still... it'd be nice to have caught one of the first round that was a mere $325 and gets exactly the same stuff.

There's also the age old issue of them not having sorted a European distribution channel, so there are the hidden costs of import taxes to add onto whatever you buy as well. Shame really as it is looking like a fun game... not if only they would say more about how it actually plays or show more of the models they may get another massive spurt of backers.

I promise I'll get back to some painting posts soon!

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