Sunday, 15 September 2013


I was reminded this week that I have a metric ton of holiday left to take before Christmas and there is only so much time it will take to move house, so I think I may well be making a trip up to Nottingham in November to Blog-con to meet all you nice people.

Current plans involve making a road trip out of it as I have friends in Nottingham that I can go see on Friday before coming to make new ones on Saturday and Sunday. I'm especially looking forward to the two workshops from James and Loki.

Now to find a hotel and book a few days off work!


  1. Great new will be gret to meet up and put a face to the blog.
    Peace James

    1. One question that I meant to ask. Are there any plans for a painting area? It'd be nice to sit and paint while chatting to new people

  2. Replies
    1. I suspect name badges will be the order of the weekend, but it will be good to put faces to names :)

    2. We winged it at the Oldhammer weekend to avoid the conference feel. All throughout the day there were outbursts of 'I've just realised you're so-and-so!' Hilarious.

    3. I'm just rubbish at remembering names ;)