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WQ: Skin Wolves

Here is the start of my Warhammer Quest articles, in case they are of interest to anyone. These will slowly dribble out over time so you're not inundated with stuff. The Allegiance note that I've added is something I've been fiddling with to help create themed random dungeon tables. It's not yet ready for public consumption, but once I've got some gaming space back it's something I want to work on more. for now it's just a general indication of the types of groups that this creature would appear with.


The Old World contains many twisted abominations, but few are quite as disturbing as those individuals afflicted with the Skin Wolves curse. Some say that it’s the result of a chaos mutation, while others claim that it is a curse bestowed upon an individual by a witch. The actual truth is unknown, but the affliction is invisible, lurking in the blood and sparked by dark rituals that transform the person into the beast.
When the curse is activated, the beast form brutally tears its way out of the human body, leaving tatters of skin and flesh over its form.  Once the battle has reached it’s climax and their hunger has been sated, the beast collapses into a quivering mass on the floor for the human form to crawl it’s way out of.
Viewing the process is horrific, so it is difficult to imagine someone willingly participating in the rituals unless they area already seriously deranged. This could go a long way to explaining why a high percentage of Skin Wolves worship one of the Chaos Gods; though it is not unheard of for Norse warriors and Vampire thralls also becoming Skin Wolves.

Allegiance: Chaos, Vampire Counts, Norse

M WS BS S T W I A Armour Dam Gold
Skin Wolf 7 5 - 4 4 35 5 2 - 2D6  700
Grey Back 7 6 - 4 5 45 6 3 - 3D6  950

Special rules: Fear 6, Regeneration 1, Frenzy 5+, Dodge 5+.
Skin Wolves may carry the favour of one of the Chaos gods. If they are being used by a GM as part of a Chaos campaign,  they can pick one of the following bonuses to show their allegiances.

Mark of Khorne:  The unit’s models gain +1 Strength.
Mark of Tzeentch: The unit’s Regeneration increases to (4+).
Mark of Nurgle: The unit’s attacks gain the Poisoned special rule.
Mark of Slaanesh: The unit’s models gain the Always Strikes First special rule.

If you want to give your players a bit of a surprise, and cause some lasting mental damage, you could always have them interrupt the transformation ceremony.

Prior to transformation use the stats profile of a base human (see Humans) and have them start to transform once the heroes are in the room. If a player witnesses the transformation from human to Skin Wolf, they will be subject to Terror, rather than Fear tests when facing the Skin Wolf.
To represent the lasting impact of witnessing this transition, mark this on the player’s sheet as they will be subject to Terror for all future Skin Wolf fights as well. Once they have killed 5 Skin Wolves, they will be reduced down to Fear as normal.

Warhammer Forge has some really nice Skin Wolf models.

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