Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend uselessness

The sooner this house is packed away and ready for sale, the better... it's driving me slightly nuts. Yesterday was a good example of how un-handy I am. We had one friend around building us some decking in the wreck of a back garden and my dad putting wooden flooring down in the hallway to replace the balding carpet and making regular sacrifices to the blood god while doing so. In neither case was I able to do much more than offer tea, or holding of stuff, so I ended up painting woodwork around the house instead... it's not quite so helpful but it needed to be done.

Still. On Friday evening we went back to see a house we've been eye-ing up for the last few weeks and I think we're going to make an offer on it tomorrow *fingers crossed*. The thing that has caught my eye is the *massive* attic with it's high ceiling... this will become my gaming room after it's boarded (assuming we get it of course). Then all we need to do is have the owners find a house they want and to sell ours.

Gaming related posts will resume tomorrow. In the mean time, Bombshell have another kickstarter running. I'm sure I'm supposed to like the main figure, but all I can think of is how cool a bunch of the evil robots would be for 7TV. Unfortunately the postage for the bots is as much as the miniatures themselves... so that's out the window. Still. Have a picture and a link

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