Saturday, 8 June 2013

Warhammer Quest flashbacks

Warhammer Quest cover

A long time ago, in a garage far far away (well, about 30 miles) Games Workshop released the king of board games... Warhammer Quest. For those of you that don't remember, it was GW's RPG-lite system that allowed solo play with randomly generated dungeons or a full GM led system that allowed character evolution. It was our favourite game in the world. Then I made the mistake of selling it when I bought a house... this is an action that I've regretted ever since as  it's so expensive to find all the bits to rebuild the set. I tried Descent, but it didn't quite hit the right spot.

I eventually managed to get the books and cards back off the friend I'd sold it to, but he couldn't find the figures or boards... which made playing it a bit tricky. Roll forward to last week and some of my prayers were answered in the form of Warhammer Quest for the iPad! I've been playing this a *lot* since it's release and am loving every single moment of it. The developers have managed to capture and distil the essence down into this wonderful £2.99 app. I don't even care that there is already extra content to buy on day 1 as it seems to be a natural evolution of the core game... there is currently one missions download that doubles the size of the game with more quests and all the Skaven units to go up against instead of the rats/bats/spiders/goblins and Orcs that you get in the core game. In fact, I think I grabbed them all after finishing the first mission they had done such a great job. Hopefully they will bring in all the other characters and keep on adding the extra monsters and treasure. I'd like to get my Noble back on the road again.

This has inspired me to try revisiting my plan form last year to reconstruct a Warhammer Quest set with my own tiles... I may even have some of the new monsters that I wrote kicking around somewhere that I will try to upload.

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