Thursday, 13 June 2013

Red Scorpion Dreadnought

A few years back DakkaDakka, the gaming forum, had a painting thread that allowed people to set up trades of individual space marines, painted in whatever chapter the painter wanted, but equipped however the recipient wanted. This allowed the recipient to build up useful squads, but provided enough flexibility to the painter to have some fun. I did a few of these and had a lot of fun until I ran out of marine parts and didn't fancy buying more boxes. I think the best one I did was for someone who wanted a Forge World Dreadnought, but didn't feel they could do it justice. Sadly as it was a swap, I do not have the original to get better photos :(

At the time, I was painting up a small Red Scorpion strike force thanks to Forge World's amazing figures. I never did get to play with them before selling it on. Still. It was a nice paint scheme to work on and it's really striking on the dreadnought

Red Scorpion dreadnought

If you're wondering, the base was purposefully left blank so he could base it to match his own force.

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