Thursday, 20 June 2013


Speaking of inquisitorial forces (or at least I was yesterday with the servitors) When the first plastic warhammer character blisters came out, Dakka held a competition to convert one of them into a 40K figure. You'll have seen similar cross-system conversions done in White Dwarf with the Blanchistu column since; though most of the ones in that column seem to be made from the nurgle lord, rather than any of the first round of models.

I attempted two for the competition, but only the inquisitor was completed as I didn't quite get the other one to work as expected. Maybe I'll go back and revisit it one day when there's nothing else to paint*

I'm happy to say that I actually won the public vote with my Inquisitor; though a lot of the other models were brilliantly converted and painted. I've not seen so many brilliant ideas in one thread before. This guy started life as the Warriors of Chaos sorcerer lord. Now he fights against evil in all it's forms.

264216_md-=][=, Conversion, Inquisition, Inquisitor, Pimp My Sorcerer

*So that'll be never then!

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