Thursday, 20 June 2013

Frustrations of moving

The last few weeks have been quite frustrating in our house as we're in the process of trying to move, which means that every piece of spare time is spent either packing things away into boxes, decorating or out looking at other people's houses that are devoid of all belongings. How do people live without *stuff*? pretty much every house we've seen is devoid of books or films... what do these people do in their spare time?

Moving the blog over here is a vague attempt to do something useful in those spare 5 minutes to try and distract myself from not being able to do any painting. Reading blogger on the other hand is making me want to paint even more... so it's a double edged sword really. Hopefully once the house is sold and we're in that waiting period, I'll be able to start painting in the evenings again, which would be good given that I've offered to help with the Bloggers For Charity project. Distractions... provide me with distractions until then!

I'm also looking forward to unpacking things so I can go through and actually work out what I've got kicking around and divide it up into projects to work on, or actually clear it out. I know there's various bits that will be useful for 7th Voyage and 7TV boxed up somewhere...

On the plus side, I did manage to get my own city image made for the site. Now to work on a tentacled beastie descending form the skies!

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