Friday, 21 June 2013

Dark Eldar Scourges

Many moons ago I gave up on painting and gaming, reverting instead to consoles...I still regret getting rid of everything, mostly because there were some interesting figures in there that I'd love to go back and repaint. Not that I'm short of things in the lead/plastic mountain.

Then at work we made the mistake of hiring an Australian contractor... we became really good friends and he dragged me back into the perils of the plastic crack. While he was in the country I took the opportunity to paint him up new units for his birthday each year to go with whatever force he was constructing at the time. The first batch was a bunch of Ork Nobz and the second was a unit of Dark Eldar Scourges. In the time he was here, I painted more finished squads for his force than he did ;)

In order to try and make them more unique and personal I painted them up like a flock of Red Kites as where I live we have loads flying over the house. Sadly he's moved back to Oz now and we don't get to chat as much any more as we're both busy with work and decorating. Really must sort that soon!

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