Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Transition of Juan Romero

The Transition of Juan Romero takes place in a mining camp, presumably in Mexico as the deity Huitzilopochtli is mentioned.
While digging, a deep chasm is uncovered; "too deep for any sounding lines to hit bottom".  The night after the discovery of the abyss the narrator and one of the mine's workers, Juan Romero, venture inside the mine, following a mysterious rhythmical throbbing sound. Romero reaches the abyss first and is swallowed by it. The narrator peers over the edge, sees something - "but God, I dare not tell you what I saw!" and loses consciousness. The next morning Romero and the narrator are found in their beds; Romero dead. The other miners swear that no-one left the bunk house...

Huitzilopochtli is a deity dedicated to war, sun and human sacrifice; quite why he's linked to a deep chasm and people dying in their sleep is a bit weird... but this is Mythos we're talking about here. As a deity, he can be transferred to a number of different situations, many of which would be far more suitable. I would imagine sacrifices at sunrise and sunset would be more appropriate.

In terms of converting this to a WW2 mission there's not a lot in the overall plot that ties it to a specific time period, so maybe the investigators have been sent to investigate a series of mysterious deaths a mine. If they only visit during the day they probably won't find much, but if they stay overnight, you could start to introduce elements of the Dreamlands into the meta plot. Normally dying in the Dreamlands would return you to your sleeping form, but occasionally the shock of seeing through the breach and realising that it's real could cause complete heart failure, especially if something hideous like an Elder God, or the city of Leng are seen.

Huitzilopochtlimay be local superstition that is being blamed for the deaths, or he may actually be a facet of an Elder God...

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