Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hero Lab - Getting started

In preparation for eventually getting our game going, I've been having a play with a character creation application from Lone Wolf called Hero Lab. It comes with the ability to plug in a number of different rpg systems with all the skills, equipment and attributes needed to create new characters quickly and easily. Savage Worlds is one of the officially supported systems and it seems to do a pretty good job so far. The one limitation I've currently got with it is the selection of equipment isn't relevant for the time period... it's either got medieval weaponry for fantasy games, or modern day/futuristic weapons. None of those are particularly useful when you need to equip a British Commando behind German lines... much as my player would love to be toting miniguns and plasma guns. If they can stick with it until the Dust book arrives they may get a nice surprise!

Tonight I wanted to see how simple it is to add in new pieces of equipment from Modiphius' Three Kings campaign book. The answer? Pretty damn simple so far. I've not had to venture into anything that adjusts statistics yet though, so we'll see how that all pans out next September when the Achtung! Cthulhu core books start turning up. Tomorrow I'm going to have a go at adding in everything from the Heroes of the Sea book so we've got everything in once place.

After that I want to try recreating a few of the pre-gen characters to make sure everything is working properly so I can balance any new characters I create for them. It'll also help if the villains escape and come back as recurring characters as I can level them up at the same time. It'd certainly be interesting to see Herr Doktor Kammerstein escape and continue his experiments on a grander scale somewhere else...

Before you ask, I'm not distributing these files unless Modiphius says it's ok. There will be a separate post if that happens.

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