Wargames Currency

Over the course of various trades and conversion projects, I've managed to build up a stockpile of things I don't really need any more... so I've decided to join in the Wargames Currency Exchange in order to make some use of it. If there's anything I have that you want, or things that I want that you have... just shout and we will see what can be worked out :)

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Items for sale/trade

Jugula - £75+p&p the lot.

- 8 40mm gladiators fully painted
- spare weapons & transfers
- Deluxe gaming mat

Descent 2 + Descent 1 conversion kit - £50 +p&p

This is the full Descent 2 box. It has been opened and the first mission played. Everything has been put back into the card sheets and all figures are in as-new condition. The box also has all of the cards/tokens from the V1 upgrade kit in case you want to add new monsters to your games.

Maelstrom's Edge - Battle for Zycanthus - £40 + p&p

Starter box (https://www.maelstromsedge.com/medge/store.jsp?p=1) all still on sprues. The rules look good, but I don't really have anyone to play against, so this is just taking up space and needs to go.

Items I'm interested in at the moment are:
  • Saga plastic Normans  
  • Warhammer or Heresy Ghouls
  • Viking/Norman/Revenant/Jomsviking Saga dice
  • Saga Revenant battleboard
  • Dungeon furniture
  • 28mm roman gladiators
  • Medieval/fantasy scatter terrain

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