Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Clearly I'm a failure at keeping up to date with blogs these days... lets see if I can do better this month. The office is slowly coming together. The woodwork is all done and most things are now in, but I'm still slowly sorting through all the rubbish that was in the old office and working out what the heck to do with it all. I suspect there will be a sale post sometime soon in case anyone is interested here.

In an attempt to focus, I've started to work through the backlog of things in the painting pile, commencing with what should have been a fairly straight forward task of painting up the whopping 4 minis in Gorechosen. Rather than the usual reads for Khorne, I decided to follow the example of someone on the main Age of Sigmar forum, ( and go for a yellow and black scheme instead. The pale skin tells of bloodletting rituals as devotion

Sadly I only managed to get through two before I got distracted again...


  1. Wow! There may only be a couple, but they are very tasty!

    1. Thanks! It would be nice to have all the figures painted up though ;)