Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thinking about paint conversion charts and triads...

Ok, so slightly embarrassed by Loki's excellent work on his paint triads and how long it has been since I last looked at the conversion charts, I started cleaning things up this evening and having a play with some ideas.

The original idea was to allow people to easy see which colours they could use to complete triads and for me to work out which colours I needed in order to try out some of the Foundry skin ranges, so with Loki starting to piece together his triads, it sparked a neat idea. What if each of the colour swatches is a linkable image that painters can use to build their own triads?

Here are some early examples of what I had in mind; obviously the final ones need to be a bit larger so the text is clearer... but that's something I can fiddle with. This is the first of the Foundry triads as an example.

I've also started putting them together into a PDF as well: Foundry triads 1-8

Is this something people would find useful to have as a resource?

The more I think about this, the less I can sleep tonight... also, the more I think about it, the more this would make sense as a dynamic application. Unfortunately I just can't quite wrap my head around the comparison section. Generating the coloured image for each paint sample is easy once you have the correct colour codes. the problem comes when you try to introduce the conversion. Do you base it off the colour codes, which could be wrong, or very complicated if you try to do fuzzy matches with the colour codes? Or do you base it off a manual comparison/recommendation system which would become long winded?

Either option would be simpler than a great big html table full of data or manually created images...


  1. I've already got an app that compares colours.

  2. I cant access your work have sent a request to view the triads you have linked too

    1. Oops. Try again, I've just opened it up to anyone who has the link.

      So far it's just the first 8 rows of what was my html table in the style of the teasers above.