Friday, 27 June 2014

The Tank Post

I finally managed to escape work for a few days, so Dan an I took a trip down to Dorset to Bovington tank museum in order to admire all the old armour. Dan needed to get some photos for a project he's working on, so I took my camera for it's first outing in quite some time.

After a very uneventful journey, we arrived early and had a wander around outside, admiring the wrecks that had been used as target practice at the military ranges nearby. We eventually joined the short, rather stationary queue outside (see right).

It seems we were a couple of days early a this weekend is TankFest where they have lots of armoured vehicle displays and traders around the museum. It sounds fun, but we enjoyed the rather empty museum. If you are in the area on the 5th or 6th of July, they are also having a gaming weekend. Price wise, the tickets are pretty good value as you get repeated entry for a year for £12.50. Bargain!

 The first tank we got to see inside was this Cobra. We're not sure which country it is from or what armament it carries though as the signage around it was sadly lacking...

 With over 200 tanks from the very beginning of armoured warfare through to the MBTs currently in use by the British forces there is a lot to see. Here you can see some of the World War 1 tanks. Dan was a little upset that the Tiger 131 was off for a service before TankFest, but hey. Another trip is always welcome!

As I've got over 400 photos, I've decided to break them down into individual posts for each tank over the coming weeks/months with a bit more detail on each one. I've only got this one of Little Willie. Maybe next time I'll fill in a few more.

Besides the main display halls, the museum has a conservation hall that contains all the tanks that have been donated, but don't yet fit into one of the exhibits. Sadly you can't go down to see them, but look at all those vehicles waiting for attention...

Unsurprisingly I've come home wanting to paint tanks. Lots of tanks...

We will see where that goes...


  1. Ah, the tank museum - I hope I get to visit it one day :D

    I can't wait for the individual posts!

    1. It's a great museum with loads to see. In the car home we realised we'd missed the hall with all the Afghanistan tanks, which had all the latest armour on display.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Now to finish developing all the rest :/

  3. I need to go back here one day myself - looks wonderful.

    1. It's a great museum, well worth the visit. I think next year I may have to aim for the gaming weekend, just to see what is going on