Saturday, 12 April 2014

Salute 2014

My apologies, I was going to come and find you all to say hello at 12, but I was caught up in a 7th Voyage demo game and lost track of time! I couldn't let Sinbad get away with the treasure... unfortunately my vizier decided otherwise, feeling it was better run run away and try again another day instead. I really do need to get some terrain together and play more as the Crooked Dice systems are fantastic.

After a long wander around all the other stands, I ended up at the Gripping Beast stand  to have a look at Jugula, their new game of gladiatorial combat. One demo game later (and fastest kill of the day!) and I'm now the owner of 8 new gladiators and all the gubbins necessary to introduce some friends to the system as well. Rules wise it's very simple, but as with Saga, there's loads of strategy involved in how you use the resources you have.

The game could easily be played with any range of 28mm gladiators on the market, but, given the scope of the game, I'm really liking the larger multi-part figures they are releasing to go with it all.

There are 4 of the initial gladiator types out in the initial release, but the extra equipment pack allows you to create most of the others so it's worth picking up this or the Familia box set if you want some variation. As you can only have one of each gladiator type in your team, at £5.50 a gladiator you're not exactly going to break the bank with this one even if you buy the gaming mat (which is very very nice btw). I'm looking forward to painting these guys up. I just need to debase them first so I can attach them to clear bases as usual.

The only slightly dissapointing purchase of the day was a Vallejo Face Painting set. The paints are great, but the painting guide that came with it was... well. Awful would be the simplest way of putting it. Badly translated and lacking in any form of detail. Never mind. At least I've now got some nicer flesh tones than GW's offering.


  1. Ah! I'm very jealous as I've been keenly wishing to get a copy of this game. The figures from the press photos look very nice - do they come through well in person?

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