Thursday, 24 October 2013

What a bunch of Mavericks

This week Apple released their new operating system... for free!  So far it doesn't seem to be revolutionary, more like tweaking lots of things that should have been here ages ago. Tabs in Finder; cleaner interfaces to things... those sort of things.

The one addition that is useful though is the ability to finally read iBooks on an actual computer screen, rather than on an ipad. The two GW iBooks that I own, including the free How To Paint Space Marine Tactical Squads, look really clear on my laptop, despite the screen dimensions and resolution being different. This could be a really great thing for tutorial style books as I'm more likely to have the laptop near me than the ipad (which seems very back-to-front when I stop to think about it!)

While looking through the Hobby section of the iBook store I came across a useful book on miniature painting by Rune Kappel that looks like it may be worth investigating. £1.49 for lots of nice looking photos and video tutorials seems like a good investment. Now to wait for it to finish downloading...

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