Saturday, 26 October 2013

RPG cards

A while back I mentioned that I'd picked up a deck of Character cards, a deck of cards that allow you to create NPC backgrounds quickly by just drawing a few cards to give you a name, career and various background elements. Well, they are back with another campaign, this time they are aiming to find two decks of location cards in a similar manner.

Each location card has some ideas on the treasures the location may contain, the physical environment, dangers, inhabitants and some secrets that may be affecting it. The initial part of the campaign is for a deck of wilderness locations, but if they reach the first stretch goal (which at time of writing is only about £70 away) they will also produce a deck of urban locations to add extra variety. While these are fantasy locations, the majority of the information and ideas will be valid for most settings.

Thinking about it a bit more, these cards are also great for generating small scenarios and characters for skirmish games too.

If you missed out on the character cards, you can add decks of these to your pledge in the Locations campaign.

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