Friday, 23 August 2013

The abominable... Abomination!

One last Zombie before Season 1's zombie horde is finished... and here he is.
As there's only one of the Abomination, he really had to have as much effort put into him as a character. I think I still need to do a few little touches to the glass shards and blood as they are looking more like bits of Warpstone growing out of him, which is the wrong game.

I also know that he's not looking very zombie-like. Does he look dead to you? Whenever I see the Abomination, I'm reminded of the massive creatures in Resident Evil that are more mutation than dead person... so this is the approach I've taken here.

Once he is varnished and based, this concludes Season 1. The characters are being left until Season 2 arrives as I wanted to make sure the outfits matched between survivors and zombivors

Speaking of finishing painting Zombicide season 1, mine wasn't quite as taxing as Kasper's mountain of plastic as I missed out on the first Kickstarter. I'm kind of glad really as I was starting to become rather bored of the same walkers again and again. At least season 2 has lots of different types of zombies, so there will be more variation on the painting table.

Time to start packing...


  1. Well done, and great skin tones. Looking forward to group shots!

    All the best,

  2. Wow, really love this mean looking chap; I have absolutely no die how to do the glass, would a blue was work?

    You must excuse my ignorance but are the miniatures in Zombiecide 28mm?

    1. Oh no, I feel another distraction coming on!

    2. Yes, which makes the game do double duty as board game and excellent miniature resource for games like 7ombieTV, Strange Aeons, Pulp Alley and All Things Zombie :)

      It also makes it easy to add your own zombies and characters into the game.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm very pleased with how he's come out so far.